A special message awaits

At the heart of each creation lies a message for you.


You alone hold the key to this unique message.


This key lies at the heart of your senses.


Much like a portal, each creation is an invitation to dive deep within, revealing hidden treasures.


Do you feel ready to welcome them?

Here are a few steps to follow to fully embrace the experience…

Going from head to heart, that is to say, getting out of the grip of the mind to connect to the heart of oneself and one’s feelings, may seem like an unusual exercise at first, but it is a very natural process through which life becomes much clearer, more fluid and lighter.


I know this because I experienced it myself and it’s through this head to the heart journey that I reconnected with, among other things, inspiration and creativity. In fact, it’s thanks to this magnificent journey that I can share these creations and their unique messages intended for you.


So, if your heart desires, here is an exercise proposal, with a few simple steps, to assist you in connecting with this key, at the heart of your experience, which will allow you to receive the unique messages that these creations want to reveal to you.

An Exercise to connect to the very heart of the Oneself

  • Take a moment to pause, alone and without surrounding distractions.
  • Close your eyes and place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly.
  • Inhale deeply, expanding your belly for a few seconds, then exhale slowly for a few seconds (the air will flow in a wave-like movement throughout your body and between your hands).
  • Repeat this wave of breathing, slowly, for a few minutes (a minimum of 5 breaths or until you feel that the mind quietens, and the heart connection settles in).
  • When you are ready, I invite you to receive the work of art below and connect heart to heart with it… and then welcome, in all neutrality and without judgment, the unique message it has to share with you today.

From one day to the next, the same work may have different messages for you, so it is quite possible to repeat the experience if that is what you feel like doing.


You are also free to repeat the experience with other pieces of art if that is what your heart tells you. I invite you to visit the Plenitude Collection page or the Gallery page and let yourself be guided towards the work of art that speaks to you, then take a moment of heart-to-heart pause with it.

Should you have any questions or if you’d like to share your experience with the creations, I invite you to contact me as it will be my pleasure to exchange with you.


« Karine Bédard's creations are simply magical! Looking at them, feeling them and appreciating them immediately transports me to a very pleasant place at the heart of myself... Like a gateway to Plenitude. Each pause in the company of her paintings is a moment of pure happiness through which I live different experiences, receive different messages and inspirations. Thank you so much, Karine, for sharing your gift and your creations with us. With all my heart, I wish that the entire planet has the opportunity to discover them! » – Marie-Ève Lord
« Karine, I thank you for having accepted to create an artwork following an inspiration where I felt to highlight the expansion. Through the work you created, I feel all the beauty and softness that expansion takes when it comes from the heart. Thank you for this vibrant art piece and for letting your magnificent talent emerge. » - Eric Desroches